Top Attractions Near Woodside, CA: A Local and Tourist Guide

Scott Dancer  |  May 30, 2024

Top Attractions Near Woodside, CA: A Local and Tourist Guide

Woodside, California, with its picturesque landscape and rich cultural heritage, serves as a perfect backdrop for both relaxation and exploration. Whether you're a long-term resident or a first-time visitor, the attractions near Woodside cater to a variety of interests, from serene nature reserves to historical estates. Here is a curated guide to some of the most engaging attractions in and around Woodside, CA.

Embrace Serenity at Filoli Historic House & Garden

Filoli offers more than just a glimpse into the luxurious estate living of the early 20th century; it's an invitation to explore a world of architectural beauty and meticulously crafted gardens. This historic site hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including art shows, educational programs, and seasonal celebrations, making every visit a unique experience. Wander through its 16 acres of formal gardens, or take a guided tour of the house and immerse yourself in this cherished local treasure's rich history and tranquil beauty.

Find Peace at Canyon Ranch Woodside

Nestled within the towering redwoods, Canyon Ranch Woodside is an ideal retreat for those seeking to unwind and rejuvenate. This luxury wellness resort combines the tranquility of its natural surroundings with a comprehensive wellness program that includes mindfulness activities, fitness classes, and spa treatments. Its commitment to personal wellness makes it a perfect sanctuary for restoring balance and finding peace away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Discover Art at the Rodin Sculpture Garden

Located at Stanford University, the Rodin Sculpture Garden is a splendid outdoor gallery featuring a large collection of sculptures by the famed French artist Auguste Rodin. This garden offers a peaceful setting where visitors can appreciate art and nature simultaneously. It's an ideal spot for art lovers and those seeking inspiration and contemplation amidst the beauty of one of the largest collections of Rodin bronzes outside Paris.

Step Back in Time at the San Mateo County History Museum

This museum, housed in the historic courthouse of Redwood City, offers a deep dive into local history. Its exhibits span from the region's natural environment to its development during the tech boom. Visitors can explore themed rooms and view artifacts that tell the story of the county's transformation over the centuries, making it a key destination for history buffs and curious explorers alike.

Enjoy the Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden

Located in Palo Alto, this public garden is a testament to the beauty of horticulture and landscape design. Visitors can stroll through various garden areas that showcase seasonal blooms and perennial favorites. Educational programs and community events, such as plant sales and garden tours, enrich visitors’ experiences, making the Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden a focal point for those interested in gardening and botany.

Explore the Outdoors at Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve

Edgewood Park, known for its stunning wildflower displays in spring, offers a variety of trails for hiking and nature observation. Located just off the highway, this preserve is a haven for native plant species and wildlife, allowing visitors to experience California's natural ecosystems firsthand. Educational programs and guided walks enhance the experience, making Edgewood Park a must-visit for nature lovers.

Visit the Museum of American Heritage

The Museum of American Heritage in Palo Alto celebrates American technological innovation and history through its exhibits. The museum showcases household and technological artifacts from the past, offering insights into the everyday lives of Americans in different eras. Special exhibits and events, such as vintage vehicle shows and historical demonstrations, provide a comprehensive look at America’s technological journey.

Wander the Baylands Nature Preserve

The Baylands Nature Preserve is one of the largest areas of unspoiled marshland in the San Francisco Bay Area. It offers pathways and viewing platforms for bird watching and nature walks. Its extensive habitats are crucial for the area's ecological health, making it a significant spot for environmental education and conservation efforts. Whether for a peaceful walk or an educational excursion, the Baylands provide a beautiful setting for nature enthusiasts.

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