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The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home

Scott Dancer  |  October 16, 2023

The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home

They say that location means everything in real estate, and so does timing. If you are planning to sell Atherton real estate, it pays to know when is the best — and worst — day to put it up for sale. What day of the week you list your home can make a huge difference in whether your home stays on the market for longer and if you receive a top-dollar offer.

Selling a luxury home or estate is much different than selling a home of lesser value, and it can often be more complicated and take more time. It helps to understand every facet of the process, including the best and worst times for listing a property. Most homebuyers begin their search by clicking through online listings, and there are generally designated times and days when more buyers are online conducting a home search.

Partner with a smart agent

Before you list your home, you’ll need to hire a licensed real estate agent who excels at selling luxury homes. Scott Dancer, one of Atherton’s top luxury agents, knows how to target high-end buyers interested in purchasing luxury homes in Atherton. Scott knows the ins and outs of the area, from its central location nestled between Palo Alto and Redwood City to the numerous attractions and amenities located nearby, such as Stanford University, the San Francisco Bay, and the incredible coastal mountains that rise between Silicon Valley and the Pacific Ocean.

Scott’s modern marketing strategies include knowing when to properly list your home to increase the number of offers you receive and maximize your profit. The Atherton housing market is considered competitive, and you should list your home on the best day possible to ensure you attract buyer interest. Scott knows that Atherton real estate is highly-desirable, and he’ll ensure your listing focuses on your home’s best features. However, it won’t have as much effect if you list on an unfavorable day.

The best days to list a home

When is the best time to list a house? Opinions and studies vary on the exact best day, but it’s generally going to be Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Make sure to talk with Scott if you have any questions about listing on those particular days and which day is best for your particular circumstances.


Wednesday is considered a great day to list a home for sale because it gives buyers ample time to schedule private showings or attend open houses on the weekend. It also allows them to peruse your home listing in more detail to ensure that they are interested and gives them time to talk with their agent about any questions or concerns before viewing the home.


Homes listed on a Thursday often sell for at or even above their asking price compared to homes listed on other days. Thursday is one day closer to the weekend — a time when buyers are generally free to view homes privately or during an open house. Listing a home after 5 p.m. on a Thursday is a great idea, as it will likely be the first thing buyers see when they conduct a home search after work.


Many real estate agents stand by Friday as their preferred best day to list Atherton real estate for sale. Homes listed on Fridays have a 12% higher chance of going under contract within 90 days versus homes listed on any other day of the week. Posting your listing on Friday means it will be at the top of most listing websites over the weekend, ensuring that more buyers see it. Most buyers are busy during the week with work, sports, clubs, and other activities and can’t find the time to view homes, but life tends to wind down into the weekend. Prospective buyers can fit more into their calendars on the weekends, including searching for and viewing homes.

The worst days to list a home

Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are the top contenders for listing a home, but what are the worst days to list a home? Most real estate agents agree that Sundays and Mondays are generally days that sellers want to stay away from when putting their homes on the MLS — and for several reasons.


Sunday is considered by far the worst day to list a home. Most homebuyers have already planned a busy weekend of private showings and open houses and might miss your listing entirely, or they’ll see it too late in the day to view it in person. Plus, many homebuyers are winding down for the weekend and getting ready for work on Monday, so your listing will draw even less attention. A home listed on a Sunday could get receive less-than stellar attention as newer listings are added throughout the week.


Monday is usually considered the second-worst day to list a home because many homebuyers are just starting their work week and can’t set aside time to view a home in person. Some buyers may hope they’ll find a better home later in the week and for a lower price. As other homes come on the market, your listing will be pushed to the bottom and possibly forgotten by most buyers.

Work with a talented agent at your side

While choosing the best day of the week to list your home will likely increase buyer interest, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive offers. Before listing your home for sale, Scott will sit down with you and discuss your motivations for moving, what you want most out of your home sale, if there are any renovations to the home that should be completed, and various other topics, such as staging, curb appeal, and marketing strategies. Gaining knowledge about the best and worst days to list a home is just one of the invaluable benefits you’ll receive when working with real estate expert Scott Dancer. If you’re ready to list your California home, find out why Scott has a track record of market success by contacting him today!

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